"Ok Fuck it. POWERS OF THE ELVES! FIST OF STONE!!!" - Ricardo


This week begins just after Cobblepot encountered The Stranger. The party are walking through the streets of Poft and they are expecting an attack on the town from a pack of Worg-riding goblins that have followed them from Balamb.

Everyone in the party levelled.



They start the week as the town bell is ringing. The party join the rest of the guards in defence of the town. During the engagement one of the Worgs bites down on Riley's right hand and damages her badly. Riley stabs the Worg with the sword in her other hand and the Worg lets go of her. She rips off some material from her clothes and bandages her arm but is still wounded. During the battle a Worg and goblin attack Ritch whilst he is fighting another dismounted goblin. The Worg clamps his jaw down around his stomach whilst the goblin strikes him on his collar bone and knocks him unconscious.

A Strange CouncilEdit

Whilst Ritch is unconscious he has a vision through the eyes of someone else in front of a giant stone table. Looking around he sees Lavos, a mechanical Golem, a Treant and a mouse resting on the edge of the table. They are having a conversation but Ritch is unable to understand what they are saying. Looking down Ritch sees a small dot on the ground, recognised as a human - putting the rest of his surroundings into perspective. He focuses on the conversation and finally understands the word "human" before a flash of light appears and he sees Cobblepot has healed him back in Poft.

After the BattleEdit

Once Ritch regains consciousness and the battle is over the party gather together. One of the elven guards starts rummaging through the goblin corpses and several elven guards from the town start dragging 2 of the Worg corpses back into town. Cobblepot rummages through a goblin corpse and finds something that resembles a map highlighting the town of Poft on it. There is another town marked on it that the party does not know about. When shown to the guards they are told to take it to the elder.

Once they meet with the elder he thanks them for their help in defending Poft. Studying the map the elder thinks that the other marked town is possibly a goblin encampment. The elder starts telling Ricardo about the history of Poft in exchange for their services. He explains the history of the town to them. He shows them a map and points to a town within "The Great Forest" to the west, stating that this is where the elves of Poft came from. The elder tells them that the elves wanted to attack Narsh as they did not believe that all the water should belong to one person in the North. Riley argues that the elves are peaceful and that this is not true. The elder argues that it was Mirkwood that wanted them to attack Narsh but some of the elves did not want to get involved with this war and so left and came to Poft - which is why they are there 20 years later. He indicates that this war on Narsh has yet to happen yet.

Cobblepot does not think this is sufficient payment for their services and leaves the conversation. The elder allows Ricardo to copy the map they were discussing on a tablet he gives them. Ricardo asks if the elder has any men he can spare in helping them deal with this goblin encampment outside Poft. He tells them that Bennett the guard that has fought with them so far will be able to help them but the rest of the guards must stay to defend the town.

The party leave the elder and help Ritch prepare and cook some Worg meat for a feast for the town. Ritch finds that the other Worgs are being cooked by some elves in the centre of town. Ricardo decides to cast Wall of Fog on the camp so that the rest of the village do not see this and are attracted to Ritch's feast instead. This causes a lot of commotion and angers a lot of the villagers when they find that Ricardo casted the spell. That evening Cobblepot heals Riley's arm from the Worg bite.

The Goblin EncampmentEdit

The next day the party and Bennett set out to the goblin encampment. In the camp there are 3 goblins and a Worg that Cobblepot spots using his spyglass. Outside of the camp there are 2 larger goblins on guard. Ritch decides to ride into the camp on horse and loop around to try and draw the goblins to the party in a trap. Charging beside a goblin both Cobblepot and Ricardo reach out and cast Holy Shock and Shocking Grasp respectively. Unfortunately the goblin acts as a conductor between the two party members and they both shock each other and Ricardo falls off his horse and is knocked unconscious. The shocked goblins head explodes. Cobblepot dismounts and goes over to Ricardo to heal him; although hesitates once noticing that Ricardo is lying on the floor with an erection. After they deal with the rest goblins they hear a large roar come from within the camp.

Cobblepot looks into camp and sees a human screaming and writhing in pain as it appears to be transforming into some feline creature. Ritch, who is separated from the rest of the party from battle does not see or hear the creature. He rides into camp and comes to face the creature. Upon looking at the creature both Ritch and his horse Brandystock fall asleep.

Cobblepot notices this and the rest of the party ride into camp and Riley goes to wake Ritch up. Riley wakes Ritch who attempts to wake up his horse. She then locks eyes with the beast in camp. When Riley doesn't fall asleep the creature looks confused for a second before running at her on all four legs. After the rest of the party engage the beast Ricardo uses of Fist of Stone and manages to punch the beast through its scull, killing it in one move.

They look in the camp and find a tablet with a map on it. The map is crude shows the locations of Balamb, Poft and Narsh with the word "kill" on it. The party then attempt to make camp that night in the remains of the goblin camp. When Ritch is about to go to sleep he notices that the ground is very fragile inside one of the tents. He digs into the ground and finds a box made of wood which he takes outside to inspect. When he opens it up he finds a silver ring inside.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Ritch whilst unconscious sees a council being held by some of the gods.
  • The party meet Bennett.
  • Ricardo is knocked unconscious in battle yet again.
  • Ritch names his horse "Brandystock".
  • The party encounter a Jackalwere.
  • Ritch finds a silver ring.
  • Ricardo completes another bond.

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