A shopkeeper of magic items in Balamb. When it was announced that the town was under threat from Darth his shop was emptied and Axelaw was no longer there.

Appearance and shop descriptionEdit

He is 12 feet tall, slender with a bold head and has grey/blue skin. He is most likely an "Arcane" (Mercane).


  • The party meet Axelaw in week 2 after they receive payment from Fiddlesticks for their previous mission.
    • He had a flame sword in his shop and several potions including a "potion of dimination" for 250 gold and a potion of fiery burning for 500 gold.
  • In Poft they find the same shop and shopkeeper but he did not recognise them.
    • He had a "potion of polymorph self" for 300 gold a vial of green liquid which is described as poisonous and a "potion of human control" for 500 gold.
  • In Narsh they found the same shop and shop keeper again, but when they asked him his name he said that his name was Nebbet and that he had never met the party before.
    • He had two "potions of animal control", a "potion of delusion", two magical throwing axes and a few breastplates. The prices of these items were unknown, as the party were getting one free item each except for Ricardo.